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4 International Media & Newspapers is an international directory and search engine focusing on worldwide newspapers. 4imn.com includes 7,000 Newspapers, ranked by web popularity, in 200 countries.

4imn.com is free of charge to both visitors and organisations included. No registration is required.

Media included

The 4imn.com directory currently includes newspapers only.

To ensure the quality of the directory listing, 4imn.com does not participate in link exchanges or include affiliate resources within the directory.

All newspapers are included free of charge.

4imn.com web ranking methodology

Newspapers are sorted by our exclusive 4imn.com web ranking.

The current ranking is based upon an algorithm including four unbiased and independent web metrics extracted from three different search engines:
Web metrics data are collected on the same week to minimize temporal fluctuations and maximize comparibility. A pre-computational filter is adopted to detect outliers in the raw data. Further investigation and a review of Alexa Traffic Rank data is carried out for newspapers adopting a subdomain (highly not recommended) as their official home page.

Once filtered (outliers) and reviewed (subdomains), web metrics data are normalised to a scale of 0 to 100 taking into consideration the logarithmic nature in which both the Google Page Rank and the Alexa Traffic Rank are expressed. The four normalised values are aggregated based on a weighted average algorithm which generates the final score and web ranking.

The aim of this website is to provide an approximate popularity ranking of worldwide newspapers based upon the popularity of their websites. This can especially help international readers and media/PR professionals to understand how popular a specific newspaper is in a foreign country.

We do not - by any means - claim to rank newspapers by the quality of their journalistic effort or reputation.

 Information updates

Data and information are added or updated on a monthly basis. The 4imn.com web ranking is updated every six months.

We would like to thank all publishers that are participating in this project and help us maintain our database up-to-date.

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Please find the appropriate country page in the directory to add a new newspaper.

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