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List of most popular newspapers in China by web ranking. Link to it ♥

Top Newspapers in China

by 2019 Newspaper Web Ranking

About this webpage
This page includes a list of most popular newspapers in China ranked by the 2019 4imn.com Web Ranking.

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Location Sort by Newspaper town
China Daily China Daily Beijing
The Economic Daily The Economic Daily Beijing
Yang Cheng Wan Bao Yang Cheng Wan Bao Guangzhou
The People's Daily The People's Daily Beijing
Jie Fang Daily Jie Fang Daily Shanghai
Qingdao News Qingdao News Qingdao
Beijing Daily Beijing Daily Beijing
Hebei Daily Hebei Daily Shijiazhuang
Yangtse Evening Post Yangtse Evening Post Nanjing
10  Jingji Guancha Bao Jingji Guancha Bao Beijing
11  Liaoning Daily Liaoning Daily Shenyang
12  Shanghai Daily Shanghai Daily Shanghai
13  Chongqing Chen Bao Chongqing Chen Bao Chongqing
14  Shaanxi Daily Shaanxi Daily Xi'an
15  Qilu Wan Bao Qilu Wan Bao Jinan
16  Xian Wan Bao Xian Wan Bao Xi'an
17  Taiyuan Daily Taiyuan Daily Taiyuan
18  Tianjin Daily Tianjin Daily Tianjin
19  Luoyang Daily Luoyang Daily Luoyang
20  Quanzhou Wan Bao Quanzhou Wan Bao Quanzhou
21  Haixia Dushi Bao Haixia Dushi Bao Fuzhou
22  Shanxi Daily Shanxi Daily Taiyuan
23  Chinese Economic Times Chinese Economic Times Beijing
24  Daqing Daily Daqing Daily Daqing
25  Wuxi Daily Wuxi Daily Wuxi
26  Zhongshan Daily Zhongshan Daily Zhongshan
27  Chongqing Wan Bao Chongqing Wan Bao Chongqing
28  Jin Wan Bao Jin Wan Bao Tianjin
29  Shijiazhuang Daily Shijiazhuang Daily Shijiazhuang
30  Nanjing Daily Nanjing Daily Nanjing
31  Yunnan Daily Yunnan Daily Kunming
32  Sichuan Daily Sichuan Daily Chengdu
33  San Qin Dushi Bao San Qin Dushi Bao Xi'an
34  Huaxi Dushi Bao Huaxi Dushi Bao Chengdu
35  Xiaoxiang Chen Bao Xiaoxiang Chen Bao Changsha
36  Xinhua Daily Xinhua Daily Nanjing
37  Heilongjiang Daily Heilongjiang Daily Harbin
38  Yinchuan Wan Bao Yinchuan Wan Bao Yinchuan
39  Jinhua Daily Jinhua Daily Jinhua
40  Dongnan Kuai Bao Dongnan Kuai Bao Fuzhou
41  Chengdu Wan Bao Chengdu Wan Bao Chengdu
42  Jiujiang Daily Jiujiang Daily Jiujiang
43  Wenhui Bao Wenhui Bao Shanghai
44  Hainan Tequ Bao Hainan Tequ Bao Haikou
45  Hebei Jingji Daily Hebei Jingji Daily Shijiazhuang
46  Chengdu Daily Chengdu Daily Chengdu
47  Dalian Daily Dalian Daily Dalian
48  Wenzhou Daily Wenzhou Daily Wenzhou
49  China Business News China Business News Beijing
50  Jining Daily Jining Daily Jining
51  China Industry & Commerce News China Industry & Commerce News Beijing
52  Xuchang Daily Xuchang Daily Xuchang
53  Mianyang Daily Mianyang Daily Mianyang
54  Heze Daily Heze Daily Heze
55  Shangqiu Daily Shangqiu Daily Shangqiu
56  Jiangmen Daily Jiangmen Daily Jiangmen
57  Hu Lunbeier Daily Hu Lunbeier Daily Huhehaote
58  Lianyungang Daily Lianyungang Daily Lianyungang
59  Jiaozuo Daily Jiaozuo Daily Jiaozuo
60  Baoji Daily Baoji Daily Baoji
61  Xinjiang Daily Xinjiang Daily Urumqi
62  Nantong Daily Nantong Daily Nantong
63  Tongling Daily Tongling Daily Tongling
64  Qihuo Daily Qihuo Daily Beijing
65  Pingdishian Daily Pingdishian Daily Pingdishian
66  Wenzhou Shang Bao Wenzhou Shang Bao Wenzhou
67  Chuzhou Daily Chuzhou Daily Chuzhou
68  Hebi Daily Hebi Daily Hebi
69  Xinxiang Daily Xinxiang Daily Xinxiang
70  Hainan Daily Hainan Daily Haikou
71  Zhejiang Workers Daily Zhejiang Workers Daily Hangzhou
72  Chaozhou Daily Chaozhou Daily Chaozhou
73  Liangshan Daily Liangshan Daily Xichang
74  Wenzhou Dushi Bao Wenzhou Dushi Bao Wenzhou
75  Shenzhen Daily Shenzhen Daily Shenzhen
76  Yuxi Daily Yuxi Daily Yuxi
77  JiNan Times JiNan Times JiNan
78  Sanya Chen Bao Sanya Chen Bao Sanya
79  Qian Xi Nan Daily Qian Xi Nan Daily Xingyi
80  Qinzhou Daily Qinzhou Daily Qinzhou
81  Lasa Wan Bao Lasa Wan Bao Lasa
82  Qitaihe Daily Qitaihe Daily Qitaihe
83  Tengzhou Daily Tengzhou Daily Tengzhou
84  Zigong Daily Zigong Daily Zigong
85  Wanxi Daily Wanxi Daily Lu'an
86  Shantou Tequ Wan Bao Shantou Tequ Wan Bao Shantou
87  Yibin Wan Bao Yibin Wan Bao Yibin
88  Bod Kyi Dus Bob Bod Kyi Dus Bob Lasa
89  Nanyang Daily Nanyang Daily Nanyang
90  Shenyang Daily Shenyang Daily Shenyang
91  Shanghai News Shanghai News Shanghai
92  Haikou Wan Bao Haikou Wan Bao Haikou
93  Chengde Daily Chengde Daily Chengde
94  Liuyang Daily Liuyang Daily Liuyang
95  China Business Times China Business Times Beijing
96  Nanning Daily Nanning Daily Nanning
97  Zaozhuang Daily Zaozhuang Daily Zaozhuang
98  Chutian Metropolis Daily Chutian Metropolis Daily Wuhan
99  Shantou Daily Shantou Daily Shantou
Un  Jiangxi Daily Jiangxi Daily Nanchang
Un  Xiamen Daily Xiamen Daily Xiamen
Un  Dalian Wan Bao Dalian Wan Bao Dalian
103  Guangxi Daily Guangxi Daily Nanning
104  Zhengzhou Wan Bao Zhengzhou Wan Bao Zhengzhou
105  Yanzhao Dushi Bao Yanzhao Dushi Bao Shijiazhuang
106  Fujian Daily Fujian Daily Fuzhou
107  Guizhou Dushi Bao Guizhou Dushi Bao Guiyang
Un  Changsha Wan Bao Changsha Wan Bao Changsha
109  Guangming Daily Guangming Daily Beijing
110  Beijing Youth Daily Beijing Youth Daily Beijing
111  Lanzhou Chen Bao Lanzhou Chen Bao Lanzhou
Un  Yangzhou Ri Bao Yangzhou Ri Bao Yangzhou
113  Gansu Daily Gansu Daily Lanzhou
114  Hubei Daily Hubei Daily Wuhan
115  Guangzhou Daily Guangzhou Daily Guangzhou
Un  Datong Wan Bao Datong Wan Bao Datong
Un  Henan Daily Henan Daily Zhengzhou
118  Guizhou Shang Bao Guizhou Shang Bao Guiyang
119  China Sports Daily China Sports Daily Beijing
120  Shenzhen Shang Bao Shenzhen Shang Bao Shenzhen
121  Xinmin Wan Bao Xinmin Wan Bao Shanghai
122  Suining Daily Suining Daily Suining
Un  Nanfang Daily Nanfang Daily Guangzhou
124  Jiaxing Daily Jiaxing Daily Jiaxing
Un  Shenghuo Daily Shenghuo Daily Jinan
Un  Lishui Daily Lishui Daily Lishui
127  Guizhou Daily Guizhou Daily Guiyang
Un  Dazhong Daily Dazhong Daily Jinan
129  Zhuhai Tequ Bao Zhuhai Tequ Bao Zhuhai
Un  Hangzhou Daily Hangzhou Daily Hangzhou
131  Qianjiang Wan Bao Qianjiang Wan Bao Hangzhou
132  Zhejiang Daily Zhejiang Daily Hangzhou
133  Zhujiang Wan Bao Zhujiang Wan Bao Zhuhai
134  Xiaoshan Daily Xiaoshan Daily Hangzhou
135  Shenzhen Tequ Bao Shenzhen Tequ Bao Shenzhen
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