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2019 Newspaper Web Rankings | North America

Top 100 Newspapers in North America

Top 100 Newspapers in North America by the 4imn.com Newspaper Web Ranking

The New York Times The New York Times us
The Washington Post The Washington Post us
USA Today USA Today us
The Wall Street Journal The Wall Street Journal us
Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times us
New York Post New York Post us
Houston Chronicle Houston Chronicle us
The Hill The Hill us
Chicago Tribune Chicago Tribune us
10  The Hollywood Reporter The Hollywood Reporter us
11  Daily News Daily News us
12  The Globe and Mail The Globe and Mail ca
13  The Toronto Star The Toronto Star ca
14  The Denver Post The Denver Post us
15  The Examiner The Examiner us
16  High Point Enterprise High Point Enterprise us
17  The Christian Science Monitor The Christian Science Monitor us
18  The Boston Globe The Boston Globe us
19  The Washington Times The Washington Times us
20  San Jose Mercury News San Jose Mercury News us
21  The Seattle Times The Seattle Times us
22  Star Tribune Star Tribune us
23  The Dallas Morning News The Dallas Morning News us
24  The Arizona Republic The Arizona Republic us
25  The Oregonian The Oregonian us
26  The Miami Herald The Miami Herald us
27  The Baltimore Sun The Baltimore Sun us
28  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution The Atlanta Journal-Constitution us
29  Detroit Free Press Detroit Free Press us
30  The Onion The Onion us
31  Newsday Newsday us
32  National Post National Post ca
33  The Plain Dealer The Plain Dealer us
34  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Pittsburgh Post-Gazette us
35  The Sacramento Bee The Sacramento Bee us
36  The Philadelphia Inquirer The Philadelphia Inquirer us
37  South Florida Sun-Sentinel South Florida Sun-Sentinel us
38  Orlando Sentinel Orlando Sentinel us
39  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Milwaukee Journal Sentinel us
40  St. Louis Post-Dispatch St. Louis Post-Dispatch us
41  The Orange County Register The Orange County Register us
42  Tampa Bay Times Tampa Bay Times us
43  San Francisco Chronicle San Francisco Chronicle us
44  Boston Herald Boston Herald us
45  The Detroit News The Detroit News us
46  Investor's Business Daily Investor's Business Daily us
47  The Advocate The Advocate us
48  Salt Lake Tribune Salt Lake Tribune us
49  The Kansas City Star The Kansas City Star us
50  Las Vegas Review-Journal Las Vegas Review-Journal us
51  Seattle Post-Intelligencer Seattle Post-Intelligencer us
52  The New York Observer The New York Observer us
53  The Vancouver Sun The Vancouver Sun ca
54  The Tennessean The Tennessean us
55  The Charlotte Observer The Charlotte Observer us
56  The News & Observer The News & Observer us
57  Hartford Courant Hartford Courant us
58  La Presse La Presse ca
59  The Indianapolis Star The Indianapolis Star us
60  The San Diego Union-Tribune The San Diego Union-Tribune us
61  The Columbus Dispatch The Columbus Dispatch us
62  Toronto Sun Toronto Sun ca
63  The Des Moines Register The Des Moines Register us
64  Express-News Express-News us
65  The Cincinnati Enquirer The Cincinnati Enquirer us
66  Times Union Times Union us
67  Fort Worth Star-Telegram Fort Worth Star-Telegram us
68  Daily Herald Daily Herald us
69  The Record The Record us
70  Austin American-Statesman Austin American-Statesman us
71  St. Paul Pioneer Press St. Paul Pioneer Press us
72  The Palm Beach Post The Palm Beach Post us
73  Anchorage Daily News Anchorage Daily News us
74  The Patriot-News The Patriot-News us
75  The Montréal Gazette The Montréal Gazette ca
76  The Courier-Journal The Courier-Journal us
77  Portland Press Herald Portland Press Herald us
78  The Republican The Republican us
79  Omaha World-Herald Omaha World-Herald us
80  Contra Costa Times Contra Costa Times us
81  Los Angeles Daily News Los Angeles Daily News us
82  The Buffalo News The Buffalo News us
83  Las Vegas Sun Las Vegas Sun us
84  The State The State us
85  The Press-Enterprise The Press-Enterprise us
86  Lexington Herald-Leader Lexington Herald-Leader us
87  Calgary Herald Calgary Herald ca
88  Ottawa Citizen Ottawa Citizen ca
89  Richmond Times-Dispatch Richmond Times-Dispatch us
90  The Spokesman-Review The Spokesman-Review us
91  Tribune-Review Tribune-Review us
92  The Wichita Eagle The Wichita Eagle us
93  Winnipeg Free Press Winnipeg Free Press ca
94  Sarasota Herald-Tribune Sarasota Herald-Tribune us
95  The Post and Courier The Post and Courier us
96  The Blade The Blade us
97  Arizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star us
98  Bangor Daily News Bangor Daily News us
99  Dayton Daily News Dayton Daily News us
100  Defense News Defense News us
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